Now that you have turned your psychic ability onto full blast in the Mastering Your Psychic Ability program it’s time to get some clients.

In this 3-month module, you will learn to use your deepest, authentic self to create a healing business that supports you in every way.

One that fills your soul and your bank account.


What if you also could move beyond your sabotaging behaviors and your inner resistance and find a business strategy that gives you clients lining up to see you?
What if that was all about you being 100% authentically YOU?


Do you:

  • Know you are an awesome healer, but can’t figure out how to get clients?
  • Have some business ideas, but you sabotage and resist because “putting yourself out there” is so scary!
  • Feel overwhelmed by all the different marketing and business ideas and can’t find what actually works for you?
  • Shrink away from gimmicky, pushy marketing because it feels icky.

I started teaching business development because training your psychic ability and healer skills is only half the equation.

If you don’t know how to get clients, you can be the best healer on the planet and still be home twiddling your thumbs instead working with people.

Since I believe more than anything that the world needs all the healers that it can get, teaching healing skills was only half the process.

Totally killer business skills is the next level

Skills that aren’t sleezy, fake or one size fits all.  The only way to really knock it out of the park, is to be 100% yourself and to speak and act with completely authenticity.

I believe that all healers are being called now.  This is the time the world and your clients need you to fully step into your gifts as a healer.  That means not only knowing your craft of healing, but also how to run a business so that your clients can find you. 

The world NEEDS you to be out doing your work.  Right now!  If you feel the call, but need help with the business aspect, this is your program.

To be successful you need two things:

  1. You need a simple plan that really works, one that works the absolute best the more authentic you are.
  2. You need to manage your inner self in a loving way.  To calm your inner critic and move through resistance, fear, and all the blocks that prevent you from succeeding.


At this time this class is NOT currently being offered.  HOWEVER, Click the link below to be added to the waiting list.  Class is set to begin again in September 2022.  Once the class is set to go LIVE we will contact you with the details!


"Lisa is a gifted teacher, who offers practical insights based on her years of experience. Her thoughtful approach and gentle, yet firm communication (read kick-in-the-butt followed by a big hug;) make the most challenging topics manageable. Lisa’s Mastering Your Business Skills class offers a ton of information, specific to healers, delivered in a very accessible manner. The combination of live calls, direct communication with Lisa and classmates, in addition to the class recordings, gave me the flexibility and accountability I needed to work on the material at my own pace. Although the live class has ended, I continue review the class material and find it invaluable as I grow in my understanding of myself, and my business. Without reservation, I highly recommend this class! Thank you Lisa!"

Cherie Clinton, Visual Artist and Reiki Practitioner

"Just finished Lisa Campion’s Mastering Your Business Skills program. It was super! Lisa inspires you to brainstorm on branding, gives great info and guidance on how to start or move your business forward. This course is extremely helpful and I highly recommend it!"

Cynthia Fontaine, Psychic Medium and Energy Healer


What to expect?!


This is a 12 week Pre-recorded video/audio class, with LIVE Q&A Calls.  Q&A Calls will take place via ZOOM.  All calls are recorded and you will receive the call in both Video and audio files.  What is even better is that you can do the class from the comfort of your own living room.

  • Receive One pre-recorded class per week.
  • LIVE Q&A Calls will happen weekly.  The day of the week will be determined prior to class starting.  All calls will take place via ZOOM
  • Q&A Calls will begin promptly at 7pm EST.   (Other time zone start times are:  6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific.)
  • Weekly LIVE calls are 1 1/2 hours long every week.
  • You will received weekly homework to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Get accountability partners for your homework activities.
  • Private Facebook Group to help with group connection.

Keep in mind this class is part of my 12-month long Psychic Healer Academy . Get a steep discount for signing up for the whole program!

*** Prices vary depending on how many programs you are taking.  The more you take, the lower the prices go!

At this time this class is NOT currently being offered.  HOWEVER, Click the link below to be added to the waiting list.  Once the class is set to go LIVE we will contact you with the details!


Below is some of the content we will be covering over the

12 weeks

"I just completed Lisa’s Mastering Your Business Skills program. It was very interesting, informative, thought-provoking and entertaining. More importantly, it has had an impact on my business. I have had an increase in clients, which is a direct result of taking this class. I am a psychic channel and a master life coach. I’ve been working as a master coach for the past 4 years. Lisa’s biggest help for me was helping me shift my thinking and my beliefs. Before Lisa’s program I was very hesitant to admit that I was a psychic, even though I was using my skills as a psychic in my coaching practice. Lisa helped me believe in me. With her help and guidance I am fully stepping into my power and using all of my skills to create the business that I’ve always wanted.

If you’re serious about your business and/or your practice this is a class you have to take. If Lisa is able to help you half as much as she helped me the impact on who you are and your business will be forever changed for the better."

Ed Langan

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Meet your Instructor

I have run a financially  successful healing practice for the past 25 years that has completely supported my family. And I have always been a Spiritual Entrepreneur  this is a very strong archetype for me. Throughout my whole professional career (over 30 years) I have never worked for someone else. I love running my business and not only do I have a natural knack for it, but I have also learned from many of the best people.

My mission, what I live, breathe and die for- is to train healers. The world needs all the healers that it can get!

I am so committed to all the healers that I know being out in the world living their life purpose that I am going to share with you everything I know about running a successful healing practice that actually makes REAL MONEY as well as serving your clients and saving the world.

I have boiled down the best of what I know, with tried, tested and true techniques that will help you rocket launch your healing practice into something you will be proud of, making you a Biz Wiz too.

On top of all of that, I absolutely know that it must be simple and straightforward without costing you money that you don’t have.

No complex, gimmicky, pushy or icky marketing techniques. Just you being totally authentic so you can find your people.

I deeply believe that you need to stick to your guns, and be truly YOU, be 100% authentic since your clients want the actual YOU. Marketing is fun and easy, not scary at all when you realize it is just you telling your story authentically so your people can find YOU!

I am going to walk you through a step by step with a lot of hand holding and practical homework so you can meet your business and money goals.